The great Buddha once said “What we think we become” and we all know this is true; but our thoughts are directly influenced by what we see.

Every day we see nice things, like them, then think about some of them and desire them, then… become that thing we desire, or become addicted to it, or have our lives irreversibly changed by just interacting with such things we first seen (want example? automobiles, persons, pets, trips, jobs, hairstyles…)

So, as Buddha said “With our thoughts we make the world” we have to admit that “With our eyes we make our thoughts”. Of course there is a brain involved, but you have to feed it with good quality “material” in order to get nice results, right?

This is the Lightorialist.com: a collection of moments of beautiful and interesting life as we see it. We’ll keep these moments here for our reference and pleasure and we’ll kindly share them with our friends and with you, our looker!

If you feel you’d like to share your story with our community, or if you need a place to nicely host your portfolio feel free to publish your photos here!