Capturing the moment

Despite being in the photography world only for a while, since my youth I’ve been chasing images and beauty in all its forms. And, believe me, there are so many shapes that we simply can reach it, but we can keep it. Since the stone ages, man has this need to represent the reality and that became a long tradition till now. With the digital era, a new world of capturing the moment emerged. No more waiting, endless possibilities to perform our best, and so on. But the essence it´s still there, the need of built memories, moments there are ours and that we expect stay forever.

My images try to represent my quest for a memory, a unique moment, a certain beauty that I saw somewhere. For the moment these captures, that I hope many could see and comment because without feedback my trips are worthless, were made in the Castelo Branco area, in Portugal. In a 150 km radius. I´m trying to learn the most possible and visit other places. Till then, well, you are my judges, my confidents are my most precious treasure, like my images.

Yours truly,

Pedro Quintela


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A professor and historian that became recently a photography enthusiast, who loves to meet people and discover details in small things.

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