HowTo get constant revenue

NOTE: this apply only if you have an Google AdSense account and want to use one ad slot for earning money. Your post will be published regardless of this account.

The mechanism:


You create great photos, post them, market that post; visitors come to see it and get ads relevant for them from Google AdSense network. When one visitor click on one ad you get your share of revenue – varying from 4 cents up to 40 cents, typically 8-10 cents per click. You will also get your ads displayed 50% of occurences in the translated posts, unles you translate them yourself.

The amount:

From my experience each unique visitor brings you about 2 cents. That means you can get 500 dollars if you manage to have 25000 visitors to all your posts. This can happen monthly and is easyer to achieve as you add more posts to your portfolio. With 10 posts you have to get ~2500 people to see each of them for around 500 dollars.

The work:

The most important thing is to get your posts viral. Follow the “HowTo Marketing your Photos” to achieve this goal regularly. Sort your photos and create your posts using the most searched keywords you can find for your work; grow your social network as advised in tutorial.

The best thing:

You get revenue permanently from all of your already published posts and photos! I have posts over 2 years old which still bring me lots of money. The more you publish and market, the more you increase your revenue – but there is no fixed schedule and you can pause at any time while you still get all your money, monthly!

Also you get the most you can from your photos: let’s take one of your (future) posts with a gallery of 10 pictures – if you get 30 bucks monthly for it that makes 360 dollars per year, meaning 36 bucks for each photo, every year!

How this stuff works:

All the money comes from companies who want to get visitors from our website to their websites, and only genuine interested visitors have to click on ads, as only these visitors can bring profit to those paying companies – that is why IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN FOR ANY OF US TO EVER CLICK ON ADS displayed on our posts! The punishment for this is having your AdSense account suspended by Google and your revenue gone from that moment onwards.

That’s all, if you decide to join Google Adsense take a look here and feel free to ask me if you need at [email protected]

Best regards,
Alex Moise.