Katie Andelman Garner – Magic Fairy Dreams

Katie Andelman GarnerFar away from exaggerating, Katie Andelman Garner likes to reveal perfection. At least that is what I saw in Katie’s gallery. Her pictures point out what you want to see, a certain perspective.
What is perfection? People are meant to be driven by this obsession, our human nature beats toward the absolute form of existence. Heaven was identified as the best word for perfection and Katie shows us either the fairy angelical wings or the pure green field where everyone wishes to lie on, even the purple lips talk about beauty as perfection.And Katie learned that as a model, as her pictures truly induce you into a mythical zone where human form and angelical whisper join into an image of dreaming. Of course, looking from the flash and bone outlook, we cannot be children again, but the childish look of our eyes, the innocent smile that lifted our cheeks or the bright complexion can be immortalize through a picture. Human spices overcame every border of limit and succeeded to enter the gate of “yes I do”. That is because today it is so easy just to wish and see it true.

 So why not picture yourself dancing on the road as a prima ballerina, or playing with fairies meant to help you or try your fuzzy face which can only be funny and not the joke of malicious intendment. The only problem is that dreaming like that will last just a couple of minutes, something will definitely interfere and vanish the dream and break it like a bubble that leaves the air. A dream that last forever will only survive through magical pictures. So Katie is not just taking some photos of you, she wants you to wish for a dream, to be a part of that scenario and catch yourself in the act of dreaming. She will know when you will be transposed, when your aura is whole to be immortalized. For humanity it was given to identify only 5 senses, but our senses covers a moment which may be slightly repeated through induction but never be the same. A well taken photo can astonish that kind of unique moment. This kind of pictures will reflect your accomplished whish, your perspective. For that Katie uses modern photo tools and technics mostly required and she knows how to take advantage of them without being too processed .

See the photo article with the title “Child Dreams” published by Katie Andelman Garner on The Lightorialist


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