Magnolia trees blossom in spring!

Magnolia flowers are a symbol of purity and nobility in Asian culture, they blossom in spring and charm us with their unique scent.
There are lots of Magnolia varieties, from white to pink, to green and to purple.


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I really enjoy taking pictures of people, landscapes and buildings but also enjoy the fine work of macro and night photography. I publish on the since it's very begining and I like helping other Lightorialists as well :-)

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  1. Poulami Basu

    Hi Alex,

    Your macro photography of florals are spectacular. I am a watercolourist and always look for inspiring reference photos. Do you mind sharing some of your floral photographs for my paintings?

    Thanks nevertheless and keep up the great work!

    1. Post author
      Alexandru Ovidiu Moise

      Hello and welcome Poulami Basu,
      Thank you for your appreciation,

      Please feel free to use my work under the Creative Common license terms: free as long as you provide credit to this original post along with your work. I am aprticulary interested in a link when you expose your works online 😉
      Also please take a look at this post, maybe you can find something there too:

      I would be very interested to see some of your work, I’m always happy to see people’s creations 🙂

      Best regards,

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