How To Marketing Your Photos

Rule number zero is: Create compelling content! (compelling = original, surprising, unique, rich, positive, easy to understand, etc.)

As in any domain, marketing your images is the key element for aquiring traffic and success.

The purpose in marketing your images is to get your images exposed to as many “eyes” as possible.

There are 2 ways to achieve this:

1. Get your images to become viral. This way your fans will be your “ambassador” by spreading the word about your works.

2. Get a good rank in image searches. This way the search engine will do the “heavy lifting” for you by placing your works right in the attention of interested people.

1. Get the images viral:

You will have to use social networks for this. We recommend Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook at this time but you can try others too.

Create/check/tune your profiles on social networks, publish some of your best works, make it simple and attractive, first impression counts a lot.

Connect to people interested in your images. Look for people participating in the events relevant to your working style and topics and ask them to follow you.

Join groups & communities relevant to your working style and topics; ask people in these groups to follow you. Then, when you get your post published on, post a link on the social networks along with the featured image. Choose your featured image well so it looks compelling in the thumbnail size.

Publish your article and featured image in the relevant groups & communities and ask for feedback; always respond to the feedback given to you (it’s an important effort your audience makes for you).

Always try to connect with “Connectors” – these are popular people with more than 1000 connections. Contribute to their content, compell them to give you feedback – their contribution will be seen by many.

Always link to the post itself and make all efforts to bring visitors from social networks to your original post.

2. Get your images in Google Image search:

As over 80% of image searches are conducted on Google we will focus only on this one as an example.

In order to have as many people as possible to find your images while searching you have to know in advance what people search and what words they use in Google Image Search – then name your images, your title and create your story based on those words.

To achieve this you have to explore the web image searches using Google Trends. Go here, check at the top and be sure “Image searches” is selected and start adding terms related to your work, then in the “Related searches” area look after related searches. Click on the “Rising” buttons and then click on the terms related to your search. Watch the graphic and write down terms with greatest rises and relevant to your images (existing or future). Then, when writing post use couple of these terms in Title, in text and, most important, in the images title and alt tags.

Please remember that Google Trends only gives information about search number variations. In order to get a glimpse about the average number of searches about a particular term you can use Google Keyword Planner, which is part of Google AdWords product. You will have to log in with your Google account and register in AdWords; it is free and only takes few minutes, you can register here.

Then go here, click on “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas” and enter some terms related to your images and click “Get ideas”. In the table header click on the “Keywords ideas” then click on the “Avg. monthly searches”. You will have your terms and related ideeas, started with the most searched at the top of the table. Write down the most searched terms related to your images (existing or future) and use them in your post’s title, in text and in image title and alt tags.