Matterhorn: the Symbol of the Alps

Mountain photography is a mix between great lights with majestic sunrises, breathtaking colors, incredible clouds and stars and also some shots during the most classic moment of the day, that is when people are used to experience the mountain activities. Its very important, in any case, to realize some shots that describe the beauty of the place. Try to study the composition, wait for a unique situation, always with the goal to communicate a small photo story.

In these picture we can admire some different situations I met during my small trips to Zermatt, the beautiful village in the Valais region of Switzerland.


About the author

Born in Morbegno (SO), in Valtellina, in 1978, where he still lives surrounded by his beloved Alps. Professional freelance photographer since 2000, he works with the main magazines of the sector concerning mountain landscape, yet not disdaining collaborations related to other aspects of nature and travels. He has travelled through Europe, North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, always in an adventurous mood and with simple means, moved by his great passion for nature and his interest in local peoples. In 2013 travelled to Norway for a reportage with Conde' Nast Traveller, documenting winter outdoor activities in the Trondelag region. He has set up and is one of the managers of the Photo Agency, he is responsible for photography for the magazine Le Montagne Divertenti, he releases a number of different landscape calendars every year and publishes articles about travels and trekking complete with reports for local institutions and tourist offices. Every summer he is appointed main photographer for different sport events like sky races in the world championship. He has lately perfected certain techniques for aerial photography and night shots in far and deserted corners of the Alps, always in seek of new horizons. He organizes workshops in Italy, travel's workshop and courses to introduce new amateurs in the wonderful world of photography, together with shorter events where he tells about his adventures, explains the techniques he uses and shows his many pictures of travels and mountain landscape. Apple has recently (2013) published a shot from his archive on the APPLE.COM website

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