Paris, it’s all they say it is and more!

Weeks, months of planning…  Will May 16th ever get here?  Finally, we are off on a 15 day adventure, 6 days in London, a 2 1/2 hr Euro-star High Speed Train ride to Paris… London was a fun but Paris in France, well it was great… Let me say that again, it was GREAT! We hit the ground running, 1st to the hill area called “Montmartre”, see this article and photos, Day 2 was riding a “hop on hop off” bus to get the lay of the city and take a quick view of the top tourist locations. Then comes our list of “things to see and do”. As you would expect, there’s the Eiffel Tower…  then Norte Dame Cathedral….  Boy my feet are killing me, but we must push on. Something I forgot to tell you, I love night photography. By day, things have a look and feel but by night in the right light, let’s just say they change like night and day…  I know, it just came out… Let’s use the word “Dramatic”. Here’s just a taste of what I mean… Take a look. More to come shortly…


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I've traveled the world over the last 20 yrs and taken thousands of photos but never really showed them to anyone. That all changed about 3 yrs ago, when asked to gather a few and show the world. Next thing I knew, people were asking for more and here I am. Showing the world my work and adding a little context to the images. The writing part for me is hard. I struggle to find the words to fit the mood... I just have to hope the images speak for themselves.... Please enjoy!!

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