It’s the Rain – DSLR Video Composition

Most of us see rain in gray, as a neutral color, the color of one eye undecided to focus on an image or to define a shape.  But for me is crystal clear that rain has no particular color, is about the entire spectrum of a precise moment.

I wanted to use this weakness of nature and turn it in vivant emotions. I’m pretty sure that we see every scene differently. And by weakness I meant to say that from time to time  nature mixes all the colors of life in the clouds and waits for every drop of water to wash each of them so they can reunite in a beautiful rainbow. Even now I wonder how the colors of a rainbow can be seen the same by all of us, each one very clear, but the colors of rain depends on so many factors. I surely believe that the “eye„ of my camera can become the view from real eyes, it’s all about the balance.

People see what they want to see, even when we are conducted to draw a line. I focused on rain and suddenly I flipped in the deepness of the horizons.

Video shot in a summer afternoon with Canon 650D / Rebel T4i DSLR camera.


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Photography was always by far my best hobby. The digital world now offers me the possibility to express myself over the Internet through colors and images of Earth's beauty. I am also a programmer and through my knowledge I want to give to the Internet good, quality and relevant information. Hope that will help me accomplish my goals.

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