Rapeseed and Colza Flower Field

Came across with a deep yellow field of lowers. The bright yellow flowers were Colza flowers or aka Rapeseed flowers. I photographed this rape flowers because of the colors and the uses it has in a variety of industries. The colza or rape flower is used o produce honey but also bio-diesel or bio-fuel. The honey produced from this rape or colza flower has many uses for some illnesses. And the bio-diesel I think you already know about it. So here are some pictures of this yellow flowers that are like a magnet for bees, humans but also machines 😉


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Photography was always by far my best hobby. The digital world now offers me the possibility to express myself over the Internet through colors and images of Earth's beauty. I am also a programmer and through my knowledge I want to give to the Internet good, quality and relevant information. Hope that Lightorialist.com will help me accomplish my goals.

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