Shots from Hokkaido (Sapporo and Biei), Japan

These are shots from my vacation to Hokkaido which is the northern most region of Japan. These are shots from Sapporo and Biei.

Decided to head up to Hokkaido with friends. With a lot of layovers and transfers this one was my first trip to Japan and was pretty eager to check out the country that was so close yet felt very far from Korea. Our plan was to stay in Sapporo for a few days and turn to Biei, Otaru and Shakotan Peninsula.  Japan revealed to me much more populated compared to Korea. The station wasn’t too interesting other than being connected to different malls. Took the cab to hostel called Enishia. Drove through Susukino and Odori Park which was bustling with various beer gardens. The hostel was about 10 minute walk from Susukino.  Was surprised to find that smoking in restaurants and coffee shops are legal in Japan. We headed down to the Odori Park to visit the famous TV tower. The view of the park under the sunset was just pure magic.  

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