Lightorialist Quick Start Guide

As a blog author you may want to craft each post using a few words along with your images, in order to create a whole little story; this will be compelling for your audience and relevant for search engines as well.

Don’t worry, it is quite simple and we are here to help. First check the guidlines below:

1. Composing a new post

First prepare some images to upload in your post; they should be hi-quality jpegs with the short side at 1080px, about 6 – 8 – 10 images is ok;

Then access NEW POST, enter the title and 1 introductory sentence or paragraph describing your images or starting a story that will continue with the images;

Scroll down and click on “Add Atachments” button to insert your photos. Add “Description” and “Alternate text” for your photos in order to describe what they represent and click on “Add Attachments” to attach the pictures to the post. Finally click “Submit for review” to send the post to review;

We will review it, help you correcting it if needed and publish it when done – that’s all!

Check the illustrated step by step tutorial here!

If you want to have as many visitors as you can for your niche then you have to name your photos using the most searched keywords related to your photos; these keywords are easy to find, just follow this tutorial!

2. Marketing your posts

Don’t get the word “marketing” the old (and boring) way – this time “marketing” is fun, easy and rewarding! It’s about knowing in advance how your audience name your work, and it’s about spending some time on social networks and getting some feedback for your work from real people.

Even before composing a new post use Google Trends and Google Keyword Tool to make a research to find out how your work is searched for in Google; then you should use that exact words to name and describe your photos  – see step by step instructions in this tutorial!

Use your social networks to spread the word about your new published post and get it viral; you can also promote your personal portfolio page where all your posts are displyed along with your photo and bio. This page is

3. Translating posts

In order to make your posts available to as many visitors as possible we designed The Lightorialist to be multilingual. Each post can be translated by the original author or by dedicated translators. The goal is to have English, French and German versions of each published post.

For more details about post translation see “HowTo translate a post” tab.

4. What’s up with Google AdSense?

As a side-effect on publishing your photos on The Lightorialist you can get some money from Google using their advertising program called Google AdSense.

Google AdSense provides a free, flexible way to earn money from websites with relevant and engaging ads. AdSense has helped over two million partners grow their businesses in the last 10 years. Have AdSense fund your content so you can focus on creating even more.” – that is what Google say about it.

We provide all authors with an AdSense “slot” which you can use. It’s quite simple once you registered with Google AdSense, just create a responsive ad unit in your Google AdSense account then fill in your “PUB-ID” and “SLOT-ID” down on your Lightorialist Profile Page!

The translators can also use the AdSense slot; each translated article will display 50% author Ad and 50% translator Ad.

For any other questions, problems or suggestions please contact us!