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  1. What we do: maintain an online Multi-Author Photography Blog where the chosen artists publish their works, chosen translators translate articles and chosen editors check the publishing material and release it to public.
  2. We are sharing some advertising space with all our Authors if they decide to join the Google AdSens program.
  3. All working people have to be registered; their data is kept on the website for functional purposes, it is never discolsed to anyone except where forced by law.
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  5. You grant us a non-exclusive license to publish your content only on this blog and some samples of your content on it’s connected social profiles or other marketing channels that emphasize your content published on this blog; you, as the author, retain full copyrights of your images and video clips;
  6. Nobody may publish stolen materials on the website; the author retains full responsability for his/her content
  7. Nobody can publish adult, harmfull or any other infringent materials on the website; any abuse will be stopped right away
  8. If you are using AdSense program NEVER click on ANY ads displayed on the Lightorialist website – you, your friends, on your device (PC, phone, tablet) or other devices; there are far more complex algorithms than changing device or IP and you will get your Google account suspended
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  10. You agree that we cannot guarantee that this service will fit all purposes you may think of and some times in some circumstances this service may not be available
  11. You can stop publishing at any time, no questions asked; we can stop publish you at any time if you break these terms
  12. We will sometimes modify these terms, you should check from time to time in case you miss our notification or in case we miss to make it reach you.
  13. Cookies and cookie policy:

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