The story of freedom pictured by Jake Olson

Jake-Olson-featuredAt first view, looking at Jake Olson’ gallery a strange envy reveal to stroke the prisoner of my own narrowness. It’s such a long time for me to remember how freedom feels like … How would you feel to caught yourself into the deepness of freedom? Jake did that by feeding my imagination with a potion combined from motion technique, earthly colors, sharpened shades and vanishing backgrounds. Thus, I could blend myself with every character and I could be there in the heart of Nebraska where the sweet wheat chains beat every imagination or where aging can be so genuine and not forced by the substitutes of today’s nature law. Resembling Jake Olson with a cook wouldn’t be so far away from the truth because the secret lays in a certain ingredient which the chef may not know it at the beginning, but he will definitely add it and expose it at the right time, in the right frame. Human subject caught in the nature is the basic ingredient, but capturing the splashing water, touching the sun, immortalizing the sparkling reflection of human shapes holding each other, overtaking a wish fulfilled, or stepping on a long painted road that banishes every gray pressure, all these are the spices that makes the difference in Jake’s masterpiece.

And even if it rains is so cosy that dismisses any bad mood. Even the annoying waiting that demands endurance is revealed as a moment to take time for yourself, to clear up your mind and remember good times. Freedom is a feeling for a moment even if it may seem to be a certainty in your lifetime, but if we don’t feed this feeling it would be easily broken. My feeling after such a „tasteful meal” : It’s so good to make peace with yourself even when you are forced to weak up. It’s good to know that I may return to this gallery to satisfy my hunger for a healthy laugh, for confidence and sonny days when wind helps me spread my wings and doesn’t cover my thoughts with thick clouds, for living a right moment.


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