Time-lapse video of furious clouds

Time lapse of furious clouds and sometimes fluffy clouds that rage over endless skies. A time lapse is something that as a photographer you must do at some moment in time. When you feel you have the TIME for this kind of time lapse photography you have to do it. The problem is that after the first clip you realize that what you did can be improved so you have to begin working on a new project and that can be the beauty of this kind of work or something that you can not get rid of. So enjoy this time lapse clip until the next improved one.

For this time lapse I used 8414 (total 32.4GB) shots taken with Canon 650d aka Canon Rebel T4i with Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X Pro DX II

For those that don’t know yet I’ll explain how a time lapse is done. To create a time lapse clip you have to take individual and sequential shots. To create one time lapse you have to shot at a frequency of 1 shot every 3 seconds or 1 shot every 10 seconds. That depends on the final result that you expect from a time lapse. If your shooting subject is moving fast you have to increase the frequency of the shots taken otherwise do the opposite. In other languages time lapse stands for chinograma , kinograma , zeittraffer.

The music from this time lapse clip is under CC License and performed by Pete Lund – Time Lines.


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