How To Translate a post

As you may see on the frontpage, we designed The Lightorialist to be available in English, French and German.

Every post can be translated in 2 ways:

A. If you are an author you can translate your own posts very easy, just go to your Posts list and click the “+” (plus) sign on the same line with your post and on the same column as your new language. Then check “Duplicate media” boxes at the right side of the screen, then click “Copy content from” original language and your good to go!

For step-by-step illustrated instruction check the tutorial “How to translate your own posts“.

Translation counts as new posts in other language and displays the AdSense ad defined for you as the author (if you decide to use AdSense)

B. If you are a translator you can translate the posts available for translation very easy by checking the “Translation interface“, then click on the “Edit” button and start translating the post components. Each posts contains the main article and the attached images. All these components are present in the “Translation Interface” and you have to translate them all in order to finish the job.

For step-by-step illustrated instruction check the tutorial “How to translate posts as a translator“.

As a translator you may use an  AdSense “slot” defined in your account if you wish. In the translated posts your Ad will be displayed in 50% of the post pageviews; the other 50% will get the original author’s Ad.

For any inquiries or details and for registering yourself as a translator please feel free to contact us!