Translating Your Own Posts

For submitting a translation of an own written post you must perform the next tasks:
[* the described tasks are followed by a suggestive capture with a red rectangle which highlights the referred task] Important Initial guideline: Please do not try or even think to translate if you do not have enough knowledge or experience for the Language in which you want to translate!  Do not translate using automated translators such as Google Translator because it is a high probability of translating with a bad language! It is important to adapt the text in the new language using highly used expressions in the targeted language and not be translated word-for-word (Literal translation). Using best practices in translating texts will bring good references and many views to your post!

1. Open the Posts Page

1.1. Identify the Post you want to translate
1.2. Click on the blue plus sign  [in the capture bellow (A) or (B)] associated with the language in which you want to translate your existing post according the right flag [in the capture bellow pointed by arrows]

2. Start edit the translation (in this example I choose B – German) by clicking the plus sign

3. IMPORTANT: we must ensure the new translated post will contain:
3.1. The same uploaded media (1 – check “Duplicate uploaded media from original”);
3.2. The same featured image (2 – check “Duplicate featured image from original”);
3.3. Copy content in the original language for easy translating (3 – Copy content from English [or whatever the original language of your post is])

4. After clicking the “Copy content from English” button the edit section will look like in the captured image bellow where you can see that only the body text was copied.

5. Please don’t change the Attachments section because the system will duplicate this section after Submitting the translated post; the highlighted message in the next capture sustains the previous statement!

6.  Complete the rest of the sections described according to the TUTORIAL: “Submitting a New post” only for the following:
6.1. Title
6.2. Categories
6.3. Tags

7. After completion you must send this translation, that in fact stands as a brand new post, for reviewing by our editors; the reviewing stages are exactly like the ones described in the TUTORIAL: “Submitting a New Post

8. In the Posts List you can see that the blue plus sign/icon has changed to a pencil icon which indicates that for the according language flag there exists a translation. If you can see a plus sign it means that for the according language flag there is no translation yet.