Creating the AdSense AD Unit – displayed in your own published Posts

1. Login to your AdSense Account and follow the URL:

2. Click on “My ads” (A) tab to view the Ad units section and (B) click on “+New ad unit” button to start creating the AdSense Ad that will be displayed on your own Lightorialist published Posts

3. Completing the New Ad unit FORM. You must complete the highlighted fields bellow with letters from A – F:
A – write a relevant name for the Ad so that it cannot be confused with another one of your AdSense Programme (ex: LIGHTORIALIST-AD);
B – For the Ad size field select “Responsive ad unit” because Lightorialist website uses a responsive design;
C – For the Ad type field select “Text & display ads” so that all types of ads can be displayed;
D – For the Backup ads field select “Show blank space”;
E – For the Ad style field select the style that best fits your Post types;
F – Click “Save” and finish creating the new Ad Unit.

5. After creating the new Ad Unit you must get two important codes that must be inserted in your Lightorialist Profile Page (shown in step 6). To get the two codes (Slot ID and Publisher ID) you must follow the next to 5.1 and 5.2 steps:
5.1. Click on “Get code” link of the Ad unit to see the codes

5.2 In this page you must get the two codes (copy / paste in some word editor) without quotation marks “” :
Adata-ad-client which stands for Publisher ID (needed in your Lightorialist Profile Page)
Bdata-ad-slot which stands for Slot ID (needed in your Lightorialist Profile Page)

6. Insert the two codes (Publisher ID ; Slot ID) in your Lightorialist Profile page following the steps bellow:
0: You must first be logged into your Lightorialist account! After log-in you’ll be redirected to the Dashboard Page. Only from Dashboard you’ll see the Article Management Sections like (Posts ; Your Profile; etc…). If you are on front page (public view-able page) you’ll find the Dashboard link in the main menu ( click the upper left button  Lightorialist menu > Dashboard)
A: Open your Lightorialist Profile page by clicking on your name on the upper right corner of the page
B: Insert / Paste the Publisher ID (to see this code you must scroll down near to the end of the Profile page)
C: Insert / Paste the Slot ID
D: Update the Profile page by clicking the “Update Profile”

7. After the above steps you should see your AdSense Ad after the first paragraph of your Posts. If you cannot see the Ad it means that you did not enter the correct information or your ad needs approve from Google.