Wild Forest in the Carpathian Mountains

Wild forest and the woods in the Carpathian Mountains are a good place to take some colorful pictures. In this part of the woods people haven’t put any step from a long time ago of course until I did to take this pictures.

It was a rainy day when I took this pictures and the wild life stood still and listened the foot steps sounds on the fallen and dried out leaves. Long time broken wooden bridges are proof of some early human activity in this area but now abandoned and Nature took over the remains with moss and leaves. Forest and woods pictures always amaze me for the colors it offers. This pictures were taken with a Canon 650d  with two lenses one of 18-55mm and one 11-16mm.


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Photography was always by far my best hobby. The digital world now offers me the possibility to express myself over the Internet through colors and images of Earth's beauty. I am also a programmer and through my knowledge I want to give to the Internet good, quality and relevant information. Hope that Lightorialist.com will help me accomplish my goals.

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